Is ZoomText® 10.1 Compatible with Windows® 10 Creators Update?

This article applies to:

ZoomText 10.1x Magnifier and Magnifier/Reader

Windows 10 Creators Update

Yes! As of June 13, 2017, Microsoft released an update (KB4022725), completing ZoomText 10.11.8 (and later) compatibility with the Windows 10 Creators update. 

Before installing the Windows 10 Creators updates:

If ZoomText 10.11.7 or earlier is currently installed on Windows 10, install the full ZoomText 10.11.8 (or later) installer from the ZoomText product updates page:

Be sure to download the installer that matches your license type.  Install it and restart the computer.

You can now do a Windows update, and it will include the latest patches allowing for Windows 10 Creators update compatibility with ZoomText.

If Windows 10 Creators Update is already installed:

Make sure to do a Windows update to get the KB4022725 cumulative update, then install ZoomText 10.11.8 (or later) from the link above.

That's it! 


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