How to change the modifier keys for mouse wheel zooming in ZoomText® 11

This article applies to:

ZoomText 11.x Magnifier, Magnifier/Reader and Fusion

In earlier versions of ZoomText, one method for changing the magnification level quickly is holding down the CTRL key while turning the mouse wheel. Unfortunately, this is the same shortcut used by Microsoft® to change the zoom level in its application area, such as when working in an MS Word document.

In ZoomText 11, the command key was changed to CAPS LOCK + SHIFT + MOUSE WHEEL to minimize the impact of competing hotkeys.   However, the modifier key can be switched back to CTRL or any other combination of modifier keystrokes using the following steps:

Changing the mouse wheel zoom modifier keys:

  1. Open the ZoomText user interface (CAPS LOCK+CTRL+U).
  2. Select the Magnifier toolbar (ALT+M).
  3. Open the Zoom Windows dialog by selecting the arrow button that appears in the lower-right corner of the Zoom Windows group.
  4. Select the Magnification tab.
  5. Make sure “Enable wheel zooming” is checked.
  6. Select any combination of the listed modifier keys.
  7. Shift, Alt, Ctrl, Caps Lock
  8. Select OK.

NOTE: Make sure to select at least one modifier key. Otherwise, simply turning the mouse wheel will change the magnification level instead of scrolling up and down a page.

Don’t forget to save this change as follows:

  1. On the ZoomText UI, open the ZoomText menu (ALT+Z).
  2. Navigate to Configurations > Save As Default
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