How do I ensure ZoomText®'s magnification service turns off upon exiting ZoomText?

This article applies to:

ZoomText 11.x Magnifier, Magnifier/Reader and Fusion

MAGic® 14.x

Windows® 10


When the "AiSquared Magnification" service, as listed in Windows Task Manager,  continues to run after ZoomText exits, issues with other magnification software may occur.  As an example, after ZoomText is closed and Freedom Scientific's MAGic is started, MAGic’s text smoothing will not function.  This results in blurry, pixelated text.

There is a ZoomText setting called “Unload magnification process when exiting ZoomText”.  Selecting this  will ensure that the "AiSquared Magnification" service only runs while either ZoomText or Fusion are running.  This is selected by default with ZoomText and Fusion versions 11.5 and later.

If the problem continues after updating to the latest version of ZoomText or Fusion, then use the following directions to ensure the proper setting is selected.


  1. Open the ZoomText user interface (CAPS LOCK+CTRL+U).
  2. Open the ZoomText menu (ALT+Z).
  3. Navigate to Preferences > Program.
  4. Under “Exit Settings”, place a checkmark in “Unload magnification process when exiting ZoomText”.
  5. Select OK.
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