Using the ZoomText® 11 and GEM® software together

This article applies to:

ZoomText 11 Magnifier, Magnifier/Reader, and Fusion

GEM® Software

ONYX® Video Magnifiers

TOPAZ® Video Magnifiers


 Can I use ZoomText 11 Magnifier, Magnifier/Reader, or Fusion with the GEM software and my TOPAZ or ONYX camera?


Yes. The ZoomText 11 and GEM software can be used together, but require that you are running ZoomText v11.3 (or later) and GEM v5.0.713 (or later). If you are running older versions of ZoomText or GEM, you can download the latest versions as follows:

To download the latest version of ZoomText 11:

  1. Go to
  2. In the ZoomText 11 section, choose the download that matches your license type and click the download button.

To download the latest version of the GEM software:

  • Contact Vispero customer service or your local ZoomText dealer to validate your GEM license and receive the download link.
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