Will ZoomText Mac work on the new macOS High Sierra?

Will ZoomText Mac work on the new macOS High Sierra?

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ZoomText Mac

ZoomText Mac OCR Add-on

macOS High Sierra

On September 19, 2017, the latest macOS Sierra will be updated to a new macOS, “High Sierra”. The current version of ZoomText Mac 1.2.2 works on the new macOS High Sierra. You may update to High Sierra and ZoomText Mac 1.2.2 will continue to work. And you can install ZoomText Mac 1.2.2 on a Mac which is running the High Sierra macOS.

You may also purchase the ZoomText Mac CamReader product which includes a camera and an OCR Add-on.   This product enables viewing and reading of printed materials.  When installing this OCR Add-on from the download obtained from the website, you may encounter the following issue.


This message appears when attempting to install the OCR add-on from the download: “OCREngineInstaller” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.


There are two options for installing the OCR add-on.

If you have already attempted to install the OCR add-on and you received the message above, then

  1. Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General tab
  2. The “OCREngineInstaller” item will be listed, with the explanation of why it was blocked.
  3. You can choose to run this installer anyways.

Or, install the OCR add-on from inside the ZoomText Mac Reader feature:

  1. Launch ZoomText Mac.
  2. Press CMD+OPT+O to open ZoomText Reader.
  3. Press CMD+OPT+E to launch the Camera/OCR option.
  4. If the OCR add-on support is not installed, a message will appear prompting you to install it.
  5. You will not get the error message when installing using this method.

NOTE: To view the ZoomText Mac version and license type, press CMD+OPT+RETURN and select “About”. The license type will indicate “CamReader” if you have purchased and activated the OCR Add-on feature.



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