Creating Pre-Defined Configurations for ZoomText and Fusion 11

This article applies to:

ZoomText 11.6 and later

Fusion 11.6 and later


In organizations with many ZoomText users, such as schools or assistive technology centers, ZoomText professionals want to provide users with a set of pre-defined ZoomText configurations that can be easily loaded and switched between using existing ZoomText hotkeys. These configurations would be designed for performing specific tasks or simply to demonstrate to users the diverse range of configurations that can be created.


Beginning in ZoomText 11.6 and Fusion 11.6, pre-defined configuration files can be added to each ZoomText installation. These configurations are immediately available to each user via ZoomText's Load Configuration hotkeys: CAPS LOCK + 1, CAPS LOCK + 2, etc. Each user has the option of using the pre-defined configurations or their own custom configurations.

Here's how pre-defined configurations can be implemented:

  1. Create the ZoomText 11\Config\Copy sub folder:Open File Explorer (WINDOWS key+E ).
    a. Open the ZoomText 11\Config folder (i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\ZoomText 11\Config).
    b. Create a new folder (CTRL+SHIFT+N) and name it “copy”
  2. Copy the default config file for the installed ZoomText language into the “copy” sub folder:
    a. For US English, copy the Zten-US.zxc file from the \ZoomText 11\Config\Defaults folder.
    b. Paste it into the \ZoomText 11\Config\copy folder that you created.
  3. Create a set of pre-defined configuration files:
    a. Open ZoomText on any computer.
    b. Make some desired ZoomText settings changes to create a desired custom configuration.
    c. On the ZoomText user interface, select ZoomText > Configurations > Save Custom Configurations.
    d. Name the file and select the location to save the file (i.e. a USB drive).
    e. Repeat for additional custom configurations.
  4. Place the pre-defined configuration files into the ...\Config\Copy folder:
    a. Copy all the .zxc custom files you created.
    b. Paste them into the ZoomText 11\Config\Copy folder you created earlier.
  5. Modify the zxcfiles.ini file to add entries for the pre-defined configuration files:
    a. Open zxcfiles.ini in the user’s roaming profile folder as follows:
    b. Open File Explorer (WINDOWS key+E).
    c. In the Quick Access edit box, type in “%appdata%” and press ENTER.
    d. Open Ai Squared\ZoomText 11\Config folder.
    e. Open zxcfiles.ini in Notepad.
    f. It looks like the following.
        HOTKEYS - Configuration Files]
        Configuration File1=
        Configuration File2= 
        Configuration File3=
        Configuration File4=
        Configuration File5=
        Configuration File6=
        Configuration File7=
        Configuration File8=
        Configuration File9=
        Configuration File0=
    g. Enter the filenames for the configuration files you created in step 3.
  6. To load and switch between configurations:
    a. With ZoomText running, you can use the load configuration hotkeys to use the desired configuration.
    b. CAPS LOCK+1 will use ConfigurationFile1, CAPS LOCK+2 will load ConfigurationFile2 and so forth.
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