What's the difference between ZoomText Mac and Apple's built-in accessibility tools?

Apple has done an admirable job addressing accessibility issues in their OS. While the tools they provide are good, we’re confident that we can bring great added value to the platform. Here’s why.

Font Smoothing
Apple’s Zoom simply stretches everything it sees on the screen. As you zoom in, you’ll notice an “anti-aliasing” effect. The edges of letters get blurry and less distinguishable. We’ve implemented sophisticated techniques in ZoomText Mac to make text more readable to sharpening edges and distinguishing text from the background. These techniques work very well in true color mode and exceptionally well in any of our two-color schemes. While the retina displays on Apple’s top of the line machines do an even better job with anti-aliasing, ZoomText can still make improvements.

Image Sharpening
Our smoothing algorithms sharpen all images. Even as you magnify, we’re able to help images stand out with improved clarity.

Innovative Speech Features
Focus Echo and Mouse Echo give you control over what speech information is read back to you, whether you’re using the mouse or keyboard. The audio feedback helps you keep track of where you are on screen – plus you are able to quickly spot read an area of interest.

Document Reading Tools
Our WebReader tool allows you to easily read text from a busy webpages.  It cleans up the presentation and provides you with a wide range of customization options.  It can also read aloud text from an open application window (for instance, an email) or the contents of your clipboard.

Cursor Enhancements
In a magnified view, it’s very easy to lose track of where your cursor appears on the screen. ZoomText’s cursor enhancements make it easy to find the cursor by drawing a blue wedge, green circle or red frame near the cursor.

Smooth Pointers
As magnification increases using Apple’s Zoom, the pointers lose their clarity and become fuzzy. ZoomText changes that by redrawing pointers at multiple magnification levels, ensuring a smooth, sharp pointer, no matter how large. We do this with the built in system arrow pointer as well with other pointers used in the OS like the “Hand”, “Resize Left/Right”, “Drag” and many more.

Focus Enhancements
As you move your focus on screen with the mouse or the keyboard, it’s easy to lose track of where your focus is. With Apple Zoom, your best bet is simply to guess. With ZoomText, we draw a red frame or a thick green underline where your focus is, ensuring that you never lose your place.

Color Schemes
Innovative color controls improve screen clarity and reduce eyestrain. We supply seven high contrast color modes:  Invert Brightness, Reverse Video, Black on White, White on Black, Blue on Beige, Yellow on Black, and Yellow on Blue. Apple provides only two options, invert colors and grayscale.

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