“Network server installation corrupt or invalid” when trying to install ZoomText Client

The information in this article applies to:

  • ZoomText 9.x and 10.0 Network Version



When attempting to install a ZoomText 9.x network client, the following setup error occurs:

"The network server installation is invalid or corrupt. Please notify your system administrator."

Afterward, the setup program will abort.


This error can occur in the following situations:

    • Situation 1:   The user has Read-only permissions to the folder where the ZoomText Server exists.
      Solution   Setup the ZoomText Server installation folder as a network Shared folder and access it via: \\servername\sharename


    • Situation 2:   The client setup program was not launched via the UNC path in the run command (example, browsing through Windows File Explorer).
      Solution   Start the client setup program from the run command (see page 5 Network Installation Guide for details).


    • Situation 3:   The ZoomText Client installer was accessed through a non-shared path, for example, \\servername\C$ or \\servername\ADMIN$.
      Solution   Give read and write access to the ZoomText server folder.


    • Situation 4:   The path that was typed during ZoomText shared installation is different than the path you are using to start the client setup.
      Solution   Use the same path as you had used during the installation of the shared setup on the server. If the path was lost or forgotten, reinstall the shared installation again.


  • Situation 5:   The ZoomText Client installer was accessed through a path that contains a drive letter instead of server name, for example, \Q:\SharedFolder\.
    Solution   You need to use the computer name as the server name instead of a drive letter:\\ServerName\SharedFolder\


Beginning with version 9.02 ZoomText client installation will no longer require write access to the folder where the ZoomText Server exists.

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