Multilingual Edition's "ZoomText Voices"

Picture of the ZoomText Voices DVDZoomText Voices is a library of premium and premium HQ (Highest Quality) voices that can be used with the Multilingual Edition of ZoomText ImageReader. The complete ZoomText Voices library provides over 70 male and female voices for the most commonly spoken languages and dialects from around the world. These expressive and natural sounding voices are enjoyable to listen to and will properly read information that is contextually or regionally specific. This includes items such as abbreviations, acronyms as well as numeric information, including dates, times, phone numbers, monetary values and equations.
The premium voices offer very good speech quality in a smaller installation size. The premium HQ voices offer better voice quality than the premium voices (for the discerning ear), but have a substantially larger installation size.
The premium versions of the ZoomText Voices are already included with each boxed copy of the ImageReader Multilingual Edition (on a “ZoomText Voices” DVD). The premium HQ voices are not included with boxed copies because of their larger size, but can be downloaded. Note: The ZoomText Voices work exclusively with ImageReader (ie. they will not work in other application programs, including ZoomText Magnifier/Reader).
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