Feature description: Tracking

ZoomText has the ability to track a wide range of events and items that appear on screen.  Here is a list of each item that ZoomText can track:

  • Mouse Pointer: Tracks whenever you move the mouse pointer.
  • Text Cursor: Tracks whenever you input text on screen.
  • Menus: Tracks whatever menu item is currently highlighted.
  • Controls: Tracks controls when they receive focus. Controls include things like buttons, check boxes, list boxes, etc.
  • Windows: Tracks windows when they become activated.
  • Tool Tips: Tracks to tool tips when they appear on screen.
  • Alerts: Tracks to any alert that pops up on screen.

By default, ZoomText will track the Mouse Pointer, Text Cursor, Menus, Controls and Windows. These are all items or actions that we feel you will always want to see on screen.

If you ever want to disable tracking on a certain item, simply open the Preferences Pane, click on the Tracking tab, and uncheck the box next to the items you no longer want tracked. Same goes for enabling other forms of tracking – just check the box next to the desired item and ZoomText will track accordingly. 

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