"Starting order” dialog box, or system crashes when using ZoomText with Window Eyes

The information in this article applies to:

  • ZoomText 9.18.0 to 9.18.4
  • GW Micro's Window Eyes, prior to version 7.11



When starting ZoomText version 9.18.0, and up to version 9.18.3, while at the same time Window Eyes is already running, the system crashes and reboots (BSOD). Moreover, if you start ZoomText 9.18.4 while Window Eyes is already running, ZoomText will display a dialog box that you must start ZoomText before Window Eyes.


  1. To solve this problem, please update to the latest version of ZoomText. Make sure that you have ZoomText version 9.18.5 and later. The update can be obtained from ZoomText update web page: Alternatively you can update by initiating and following the instructions from the "Check for Updates" option in the ZoomText 9.1 program folder in the Start Menu.
  2. Also, make sure to update your Window Eyes to the latest version from GW Micro:
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