Feature description: WebReader


Picture of the WebReader user interface

WebReader makes it easy to read busy webpages or any text you’ve placed in the clipboard.  It presents the information in a special environment where the text has been reformatted for a clean viewing and reading experience.  Text is presented either in full-screen or windowed mode, with customizations for text size, font, line spacing, and a wide range of color and voice options.

WebReader automatically extracts just the essential information from online articles, making the content much easier to consume.  It will automatically read through all of the content, or you can choose to manually read by word, sentence, or paragraph. 

As reading occurs, each sentence and spoken word is highlighted so you can follow along.  If you don’t need to follow along visually, feel free to go about and do other things on your computer; WebReader will continue to read until it reaches the end of the document.

Watch the WebReader video to see it in action:

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