Using ZoomText 9.0 with Libera’s System 7 Case Management Software (web based)

The information in this article applies to:

  • ZoomText 9.04 and earlier



When running ZoomText 9.04 or earlier with Libera's System 7 case management software (web based), ZoomText would fail to track and speak many items in the case management screens.


This problem can be resolved by installing a special 9.04.1 build of ZoomText (available only from Libera) and by un-registering ZoomText's Internet Explorer AHOI module.

To obtain the 9.04.1 build of ZoomText

Monica Mercer
Tel: 716 665 2800 x113

To un-register ZoomText’s IE AHOI module

  1. Start ZoomText.
  2. Choose Help > Tech Support > Support (tab).
  3. In the blank box under under Fix-It Commands, type: AHOI
  4. Click the Fix It button.

The ZoomText AHOI Setup box opens.

  1. In the Installed AHOI list, select ‘Internet Explorer’.
  2. Click Remove module.
  3. Click Exit.

    Note: There is no need to restart either ZoomText or Internet Explorer.


A permanent solution will be included in a future release of ZoomText.

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