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Purchase Subscription 

ZoomText Mac may be purchased as a monthly subscription. First click the “Buy License” button.

In the image below, click the “Buy Now” button in the Subscription Plan column (far right) to start the process.

Note that those who purchase the product on a month-to-month plan are not eligible to add the CamReader to their copy of ZoomText Mac.

The next screen is where you enter pertinent information for the purchase; name, billing address, credit card number, security code, and expiration date.

Be sure to check the box to the left of “I accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service” before clicking the Subscribe button; both are near the bottom of the page and noted with red lines in the image below.

Once the payment process is complete, the ZoomText About box will show that you’re running a Subscription License and tell you when the subscription is set to renew.


To cancel your subscription follow the directions below or call Ai Squared Sales at 802-362-3612.

When you wish to know your subscription details, click the “Manage Subscription” button on the About tab of the ZoomText Preferences dialog box.

The first time you login to the Subscriptions homepage, you’ll be asked to choose a password. Once you’ve done that, a page similar to the image below appears in your browser.

Subscriptions homepage

Multiple tasks can be accomplished from this page (note that there are red boxes in the image above with black numbers nearby that correspond to the numbers in the list below):

Cancel Subscription – 1

Canceling your ZoomText Subscription is easy. At the Subscriptions homepage, click the word “Cancel”. You’ll see a dialog as below.

Click the word “Cancel” in this box as well, you’ll see a verification dialog as below.

Click the “Cancel Subscription” button.

Note that if you cancel mid-cycle, your subscription will remain valid until the time you paid for runs out. Finally, you’ll see a confirmation of cancellation dialog as below.


Change Password or Email – 2

You can edit your email address and password by clicking the drop down box at the top of the Subscriptions homepage.

After clicking the down arrow, the drop down menu will appear (see below).

From the menu, you can Log Out, Change Password or Change Email.

If you change your email address, future email messages will come to you at the new address. However, you must always log in with the email address you used to originally set up your account.


Edit Personal or Credit Card Data – 3

You can edit your name, credit card details or billing address by clicking the word “Edit” near the top of the Subscriptions homepage. Once you’ve made changes, click the “Update” button as seen below.


View Invoices – 4

You can view all invoices by clicking the word “Invoices” in the lower middle of the Subscriptions homepage.


Open Invoice – 5

You can view details of an invoice by clicking the Invoice number in the lower left of the Subscriptions homepage (see image below). Once open, invoices can be printed or downloaded as PDF.

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