Error: After installing a ZoomText update you receive a "MagEngine Initialization" error message starting ZoomText.

The information in this article applies to:


WebRoot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus



After installing a ZoomText update you receive a "MagEngine Initialization error message starting ZoomText.



Open Webroot Control Panel

Click on the Gear in the upper right hand corner

Click on the Quarantine Tab

Click on the files that are associated with ZoomText. They will have the Path to the ZoomText folder such as C:\Program Files (x86)\ZoomText 10.1 for 64 bit systems or C:\Program Files\ZoomText 10.1 for 32 bit systems.



Click on the Restore button in the lower right hand corner.

Click on the Block/Allow Files tab

Make sure the Files that you restored are Allowed.

Exit WebRoot

Re-install ZoomText from the link below


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