Magnification Settings


ZoomText lets you zoom in up to 36x so you can see everything on screen easily and comfortably.

Adjusting Magnification Level

Magnification runs from 1x to 36x in the following increments:

  • 2x to 8x in steps of 1
  • 10x to 16x in steps of 2
  • 20x to 36x in steps of 4
  • Fractional powers of 1.0 – 2.0 in steps of .1, along with 2.5x

To change the level you are on, pull up the Preferences Pane and simply click and drag the slider or click anywhere in the Magnification Level bar:

Magnification changes on screen immediately, with a visual indication both at the end of the slider and in the middle of the screen to let you know which level you are currently using:

You can also use the following hotkey combinations to change magnification settings:

  • COMMAND + OPTION + UP ARROW will increase magnification
  • COMMAND + OPTION+ DOWN ARROW will decrease magnification

Font Smoothing

With other screen magnifiers, including OS X’s built-in solution called Zoom, the clarity of text is degraded in the magnified view. As a result, text on screen is blurry and very difficult to read.

With ZoomText’s font smoothing technology, you’ll see amazingly clear text at all magnification levels. All types and sizes of text are displayed with high-definition clarity, in all of your applications.

ZoomText's font smoothing is always turned on - there's nothing special you need to do to ensure your text looks as crisp as possible, we take care of that for you.


Image Sharpening

Our custom smoothing techniques display images sharper at every magnification level.

ZoomText's image sharpening is always turned on - there's nothing special you need to do to ensure your icons and other pictures looks as crisp as possible, we take care of that for you.


Zoom Window Types

ZoomText allows you to magnify either the entire screen or just a portion, whatever works best for you. Under Window Type, you can choose either Full screen or Lens:

When you’re in full screen mode, your entire screen is magnified. To see the rest of your screen, simply move your mouse around the screen and the view changes automatically.

When using Lens mode, you will see a small rectangle on screen – think of this as an electronic magnifying glass.

Screen magnification is limited to what appears under the lens. Move your mouse around and your lens moves with you.

If you’d like to change the size of your Lens, the hotkey is: COMMAND + OPTION + A. You will see the Lens now has handles on each corner and the rest of your screen is dimmed:

Simply click and drag on any of the black dots that are in each corner and the middle of each side until you are happy with the lens size:

Pressing Escape or clicking the Cancel button discards any changes you have made and returns you to your computer without changing the Lens size. Press the Resize button when you’re happy with the change. You’ll see that your lens is now the size you changed it to.

You can also change the lens size with the arrow keys on your keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move the focus to the dot you’d like to adjust and then holding down Shift, use the arrow keys once more to make the lens larger or smaller.


Gesture Zooming

Gesture Zooming allows you to adjust your magnification level invoking a “gesture” on your mouse or trackpad in conjunction with a key of your choosing. Gesture Zooming is enabled by default, but you can choose to disable it by unchecking the “Enable Zooming” checkbox in the Preferences Pane:

Gesture Zooming works only when you make a two-finger swipe up or down PLUS hold down a key. Your options are: Shift, Control, Option, and Command. For example, when enabled, holding down the Command key and performing a two-finger swipe down decreases magnification; holding down the Command key and performing a two-finger swipe up increases magnification.

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