ZoomText Mac Known Issues

Focus Echo feature is currently in beta The Focus Echo feature is still under development, and Ai Squared will continue to improve the functionality of the feature. You may encounter situations where on-screen controls, window titles or other information is not read correctly.

WebReader “Grab” and “Read Selected Text” hotkeys may not work in all programs The WebReader tool has hotkeys that can help automate the copying of text or reading from an application window. Some programs will not allow you to select or copy all text in their application window, or copy text. One example of this is the ZoomText Help system; you will need to select and copy text using Command + C, then use the Command + Option + P hotkey to read your clipboard.

1x pointer shows up on screen Frequently a 1x (unmagnified) mouse pointer will appear on screen. This is a known issue that is on Apple’s plate to fix. Rest assured that we are working with them on this to resolve the issue completely. Usually moving the mouse down to the dock and then back out of the dock will force the 1x pointer to disappear.

“Enable access for assistive devices” setting MUST be turned on in Mountain Lion (10.8) ZoomText Mac should automatically enable this setting during install, but if not, make sure this setting is enabled:

    • Go to System Preferences --> Accessibility
    • Check “Enable access for assistive devices”
    • “ZoomTextAccessibility” must be granted access to your computer in Mavericks (10.9) In order for ZoomText to track and follow the actions you take on a computer running the Mavericks (10.9) operating system, you must adjust your Security settings in System Preferences. The first time you launch ZoomText in Mavericks you should receive an alert about this but if not, follow these steps:
      • Go to System Preferences --> Security & Privacy
      • Go to the Privacy tab
      • If “ZoomTextAccessibility” does not have a checkmark next to it, click the unlock
      • icon in the lower lefthand corner
      • Enter your password
      • Place a checkmark next to “ZoomTextAccessibility”
      • You can re-lock the settings by clicking on the padlock again
      • Close Preferences - you’re all set!

Incompatible with built-in Zoom ZoomText Mac will not be able to co-exist with Zoom on the Mac running at the same time. Zoom MUST be disabled in order to use ZoomText effectively. To Disable:

  • Press Command + Option + 8 OR Control + Trackpad (in the down direction)
  • If this does not work, Go to System Preferences --> Accessibility --> Zoom. Check “Use keyboard shortcuts to Zoom”. Disable Zoom with Command + Option + 8, then uncheck all of the Zoom options in the dialog box and close it.

Incompatible with built-in color settings ZoomText Mac’s color filters can be affected by the operating system settings. Go to System Preferences --> Accessibility --> Display and make sure “Invert Colors” and “Use grayscale” are unchecked.

Can’t rename application When attempting to run or install ZoomText, the application name MUST say “ZoomText” – it cannot say “ZoomText 2” or be modified in any way.

Microsoft Office does not track and enhancements don’t work ZoomText Mac inherited support for all applications developed on the Mac platform that adhere to the accessibility standards of the operating system. This means applications such as Safari, Pages, Keynote, and Mail for example will work by default out of the box. Some applications, such as Microsoft Office, will not be supported since they do not adhere to accessibility standards of the operating system. We are working with Apple & third party vendors to help educate them on how to make their applications accessible to ZoomText Mac.

VoiceOver Support ZoomText Mac has no built-in support (tracking of VoiceOver cursor) for VoiceOver, but you can use the two tools together. Ai Squared is working with Apple to help establish better compatibility. If you are using any of the speech features in ZoomText Mac, you may want to disable them when using VoiceOver by pressing COMMAND + OPTION + 3 or unchecking the “Enable Speech Output” setting in the Speech tab of the ZoomText Preferences Panel.

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