Known Issues with the Keyboard Intercept in ZoomText 10.11.5 and Later


With ZoomText 10.11.5 (and later) the way that ZoomText intercepts the keyboard has changed. This change was required for a variety of reasons and was ultimately forced by changes within recent the Windows 10 anniversary release.

ZoomText now intercepts the keyboard on a low level, meaning that ZoomText gets most key events (i.e. keys that the user presses) before Windows or any application. This introduced a problem where some groups of default ZoomText hotkeys (listed below) are blocking access to keyboard commands used to trigger desktop shortcuts (for launching applications and opening documents) and also blocking access to keyboard commands used to generate special characters and symbols in many languages. 

The problem occurs with ZoomText hotkeys and keyboard commands that utilize the same combination of keys listed below:

  • CTRL + ALT + {an alphanumeric key}
  • CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + {an alphanumeric key}
  • AltGr + {an alphanumeric key}
  • AltGr + SHIFT + {an alphanumeric key}

Note: The AltGr key is common on most international keyboards.

There are 3 groups of ZoomText hotkeys that (by default) use these combinations of modifiers:

  • Miscellaneous
  • Reading Zones
  • Screen Reading


To resolve this problem so that you are able to execute keyboard commands to launch your favorite programs with desktop shortcuts and to type special characters using the keyboard combinations listed above, you need to either disable the conflicting hotkeys or change the assignment.

To disable or reassign ZoomText hotkeys

  1. In ZoomText’s Setting menu, choose Hotkeys…
  2. In the Hotkey Group combo box, choose one of the groups listed above.
  3. In the Hotkey Command list, select a conflicting command.
  4. To disable the hotkey, click on the Disable Hotkey
  5. To reassign the hotkey, choose a desired Modifier Keys and Primary Key.
  6. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each hotkey you wish to modify.
  7. Click the OK
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