What to do if “ZoomText Installation has failed” (Error 80070643) occurs when running Windows® virtual machines under VMware® Fusion

This article applies to:

ZoomText® or Fusion® 2018 and later

MAC® computer, using VMware Fusion to run Windows 7, 8.1 and/or 10 (virtual machines)


VMware Fusion can be used to create a virtual machine on a MAC computer. This allows you to run multiple Operating Systems on the same hardware. You can switch operating systems without rebooting. When VMware Fusion creates multiple virtual machines, the desktops are shared, by default. This causes an issue when attempting to install ZoomText or Fusion. At the end of the installation, when attempting to create the new icon on the shared desktop, the following error occurs:

“The ZoomText Installation has failed” Error code: 80070643


If you disable the desktop sharing in each of the virtual machine’s settings, ZoomText or Fusion will successfully install. After installation you can re-enable desktop sharing and the applications will still work.

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