Using Intuit TurboTax® with ZoomText® or Fusion® 2018

This article applies to:

Intuit TurboTax (standalone installed version, not the online version)

ZoomText 2018 (and earlier)

Fusion 2018 (and earlier)


ZoomText or Fusion, and TurboTax may both crash when used together. This problem occurs when the xFont text smoothing option in ZoomText or Fusion is enabled.  


ZoomText or Fusion can be configured so that the xFont text smoothing option turns off when using specific applications. To configure ZoomText or Fusion so that xFont turns off each time you open TurboTax, do the following:

  1. Open ZoomText or Fusion.
  2. Open TurboTax.
  3. Press CAPS LOCK+CTRL+U to open the ZoomText or Fusion user interface.
  4. Press ALT+M to open the Magnifier tab.
  5. Press ALT+S to open the screen enhancements dialog.
  6. Press CTRL+TAB until you have navigated to the Font page.
  7. Press TAB until reaching the Exclude Applications button.
  8. Press ENTER.
  9. In the list of application executables, Turbotax should be highlighted.
  10. Press the SPACEBAR to place a checkmark in the TurboTax box.
  11. Press Tab to the OK button and then press ENTER.
  12. Save this configuration by selecting Configurations > Save As Default from the “ZoomText” or “Fusion” menu on the user interface.
  13. Close both TurboTax and ZoomText or Fusion and then launch them again.

Now xFont will automatically turn off when using TurboTax and turn back on when using your other applications.

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