How can I get cursor tracking to work while typing or navigating in Notepad++ when using ZoomText® 2019 or 2020 or Fusion® 2019 or 2020?


Currently when using ZoomText or Fusion 2019 or 2020, the magnified screen will not automatically move while typing or navigating in Notepad++ when needed to keep the current cursor position in view. The problem could occur in other applications that we are unaware of as well. These applications now make it necessary for ZoomText and Fusion to use MSAA technology to recognize the application’s cursor (a.k.a. caret).

You can fix the issue yourself by helping ZoomText and Fusion detect the cursor in these applications, and you only need to do this once for each of the applications at issue.

We will fix this issue in the December 2019 updates of ZoomText and Fusion, but for now, please follow the steps below.


How to enable ZoomText or Fusion to detect an application’s cursor:

    1. Open ZoomText or Fusion.
    2. Open Notepad++ or other application which is having the cursor tracking issue.
    3. Press ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+D. This is ZoomText and Fusion’s Cursor Detect command key, allowing it to find the cursor. A dialog message appears to let you know that a new cursor definition has been detected and would you like to save the definition. The Yes button is selected by default.
    4. Press the ENTER key to activate the Yes button.

The cursor will now be tracked while typing or navigating in that application. Repeat the steps for any other application that exhibits the same issue.

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